Oregon Voices
Oregon Voices

Be a Support in Time of Crisis

We need caring people to lend a supportive ear to hurting families. People who have been there and know what it's like to be caught in the 'system'.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Don't remain silent. Is your family is being harmed in any of these ways because of the registry?

  • Housing Discrimination
  • Job Loss/No Employment Prospects
  • Threats/Harassment
  • Vigilatism

You are a citizen with every right to express your opinion to your elected official. The policies of

our own government threaten to create a permanent underclass of over 750,000 individual Americans,

not to mention the people who depend on them for support. This should not be happening in America!

Stand up and let your voice be heard!

Remain Silent No Longer - Get Active - Join Us!


Oregon Voices is a 501.c-3 non-profit organization. We accept donations that will further education and charitable concerns for individuals charged or convicted of sexual offenses and their families involved in negotiating the justice system’s affects on their lives. Your financial contribution will be 100% dedicated to furthering this critical cause. Please give as generously as you can.

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